Frosty Pines
For a cold winter day, here is a beautiful picture of some frosty white pine needles and cones.
Horses in the Fog
Two curious faces peered over the log fence at me one foggy morning as I went for an early morning walk.
Heavenly Sunset

This is one of my favorite photos.  It is almost like you can see a hole in the sky and a bit of heaven.

Dandelion Closeup

A closeup picture of a dandelion looks really intriguing.

Old barn highlighted by the morning sun
A very pretty picture of an old barn. The early morning sunlight is highlighting the front of the barn. 

Signs of Spring
Are you tired of winter?  Maybe this will cheer you up ...

Stairway to Heaven
When I saw these clouds, I thought that it looked like a stairway to heaven.